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Ölands Zoo and Amusement Park

At Öland Zoo and Amusement Park there are activities for the whole family and it is Sweden’s largest combined animal and entertainment park. The park is only an hour away by car from First Camp Gunnarsö-Oskarshamn, making it a fun day trip! The park also won the award for the tourist destination of the year 2017.

Whether you are looking for excitement or just want to enjoy nature and the awesome animals, the park is absolutely right during the summer. Here is a big zoo, a cool amusement park with close to 20 carousels with free rides and a Aqualand with a Pirate theme.

Visit the zoo on Öland

Not much can be compared with a day at the zoo. Watching animals from all corners of the world is a fun experience for both young and old. Here you can see tigers, lions, zebras, snakes, alligators, raccoons, gibbons and chimpanzees. The zoo also works actively with many organizations to conserve many endangered species.

Aqualand / Pirate Island

In the large pool there is a pirate fort in the middle with six water slides in different shapes.

Amusement Park

At the amusement park there is everything you would expect from a classic amusement park. Among other things you will find several fun carousels, lotteries with candy, chocolate wheels, air rifles and much more.

Opening hours

Easter to harvest festival

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