För barnfamiljen

När du besöker västkusten, är Nordens Ark en perfekt utflykt tillsammans med familjen. I djurparken finns ett 80-tal arter.


Har ni tid för en längre utflykt, rekommenderar vi Liseberg i Göteborg. Förgyll sommaren med magkittlande attraktioner.

Nordens Ark

Nordens Ark (a zoo) is only a few minutes by car from First Camp Solvik-Kungshamn and is a fun trip for family and friends. The zoo have about 80 species and breeds at Nordens Ark, most of which come from a climate similar to that in Scandinavia. You will meet endangered old Nordic breeds, wild mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects.

One of the zoo’s goal is to preserve endangered animals and make a difference as much of the work done at the zoo is research and projects to improve the lives of many of the animals and how we as guests can help preserve the species.

Be sure to visit the zoo during the holidays and learn something new about the animals and the nature!

Website: Nordens Ark

Foto: Erik Edvardsson, Nordens Ark

Ein ganzer Tag in Liseberg

Ideal für einen längeren Tagesausflug ist eine Fahrt mit dem Auto nach Göteborg. Nur eineinhalb Stunden mit dem Auto entfernt finden Sie die Stadt, die unzählige Shoppingmöglichkeiten sowie eine reiche Kulturszene und ein vielfältiges Unterhaltungsangebot bietet. Die Kinder werden laut jubeln, wenn Sie einen Besuch in Liseberg, dem größten Vergnügungspark Nordeuropas, vorschlagen!

Website: Liseberg

Havets Hus in Lysekil

Discover the beautiful North Sea and the exciting animals at Havets Hus in Lysekil, only 40 minutes by car from First Camp Solvik-Kungshamn. Havets Hus has nearly 40 aquariums with different species from the North Sea and is one of Bohuslän’s most popular attractions. Meet exciting underwater creatures like sharks, sea lions, crabs and lobsters, also learn to know starfish and other animals.You can also visit the Havets Hus Bistro and café if you get hungry.

Seal safari with Havets Hus

Enjoy a memorable seal safari in the archipelago of Lysekil. During approx.1.5 hour you will travel in the beautiful surroundings. An experienced guide will tell you more about the life of the harbour seals.


Havets Hus


Andreas Olsson