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Nordic Camping wird zum First Camp

Questions & Answers

What happens to my previous bookings?

Your reservations are still there before. The only thing different about the confirmation you received is that the name of the chain and contact information has been updated. You do not need to book again or make a reservation again.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my bookings?

You can always call directly to the destination, email hej@firstcamp.se or call our Contact Center: 0771-101 200.

I can’t find my destination?

The destinations that used to be called Nordic Camping & Resort have partly been renamed. Most have remained the same, but some have had major name changes. Example. Nordic Camping & Resort Tylösand is now called First Camp Karlstorp-Halmstad, Sivik Camping is now called First Camp Sivik-Lysekil and Nordic Camping & Resort Citycampstockholm is called First Camp City-Stockholm.

Here you will find an overview and contact information for all destinations.

Are there no Campers Club and First Club left?

If you have been a member of our membership clubs since before, your membership has been transferred to the new First Camp Club, and your points remain in your profile. If you have any questions about the club, contact firstclub@firstcamp.se

In which countries can I visit First Camp?

First Camp has destinations in Sweden and Denmark.

Why are there different payment solutions at the destinations?

During the winter, we work on syncing the different systems First Camp and Nordic Camping & Resort have had. The goal is that before the season starts in April 2020, we will have a common and payment method for all destinations in the chain.

Read more about our booking and payment terms.

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